Washington Smoke Map

*The map above is not able to display all state air quality monitors. Click here to see all monitors in Washington: WA Ecology Air Monitors

Note: Some users might notice intermittent discrepancies in colors shown on the map of air quality monitors above, and those reported on the Department of Ecology's official page. This is because Ecology believes their method of calculating the air quality category (i.e. “Good”, “Moderate”, Unhealthy” etc) is more protective of public health in Washington. If in doubt as to which better represents public health risk, use the more stringent of the two (i.e. the map showing worse air quality).

Friday, September 8, 2017

Smoke Forecast for Central Washington - Friday September 8, 2017


  1. Awesome information. Does any of your data come from private sensors like those bought from PurpleAir? I was in the smoke in Oregon and have been quite sick for 10 ten days and just instantly recovered when the air in Bellevue WA just cleared this evening. Do you support any sensors that I might install. Keep up the great work. -Don

    1. All of the monitors in the network are either state or federally owned and operated. These monitors go through a rigorous quality control check and maintenance schedule. None of monitors in the network are privately owned. Thanks for the complement!


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