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  1. I have a clear view of the Olympic Mountains to my west, and have been watching a fire to the north of Quilcine. The smoke is streaming southward down the Hood Canal.

    1. I just looked at the DNR report for permitted burns in the state today and there is not one in that area on their list. Land managers can burn up to 100 tons of material without a permit so that's my best guess.

  2. That is disgusting: That anyone can burn up to 100 tons of material without a permit. That must stop! Wood smoke (eg: burning trees and that type of land clearing) is 12 TIMES more toxic than a cigarette (and research shows that even second hand cigarette smoke can cause significant harm or even death) Let's stop allowing this massive air pollution: period !

    1. Burning is not allowed in cities or urban growth areas. Land clearing is illegal. Prescribed burning is not land clearing.


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