Below are links to some of the tools professional air quality forecasters use to help predict air quality. Each product has its own strengths, weaknesses and quirks. Users are advised that interpreting results from the models can be difficult. Proceed with caution!

Washington State University (WSU)
On left menu, click “Species” then “PM2.5” for forecasts of fine particles

United States Forest Service (USFS)
Find "Northwest:" Choose MAP for PNW 4km or PNW 1.33km

High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Smoke
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
See “1Hr Average Surface Smoke” 

Canada's Wildfire Smoke Prediction System (FireWork)
FireWork daily model runs 
The 48-hour maps are the most informative

BlueSky Canada
Wildfire smoke Forecast

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