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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/26/12 0900 Clean Air Shelter Open

A Clean Air Shelter Is Open in Waterville

People with underlying health conditions, who are in need of clean air to breathe, will find good air at the newly opened Douglas County Fairgrounds ShelterA clean air shelter is open at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Waterville.  This shelter is for people who do not have the resources to leave the area, and/or have no place they can go outside of our area.

Examples of people that might come to this shelter include:

·       People who have been told by their doctor to leave until conditions improve, but who have nowhere to go, or no way to get there, can use this shelter site.

·        People who are in a high risk group for complications from the smoke, those with heart or lung conditions, who haven’t got the ability to leave here because of a lack of resources, can use this site.

The Waterville area has better air quality in general than surrounding communities.  The Douglas County Fairground has the space to accommodate all who may need to use it during the continuing poor air quality period from local fires.

Please note that Link transit serves the Waterville area and they have added a stop at the Fairgrounds to their route.

For more information about the clean air shelter you can call 509 886-6476. 

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