Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28 Air Quality in Cle Elum is being monitored again

Yesterday the Forest Service temporary air monitor that had been in Cle Elum was moved to Liberty to look for impacts from planned back burning being conducted on the Table Mountain Fire. So for a short time Cle Elum was without a monitor.  But starting today (9/28) at about 11am a new Cle Elum monitor was up and operating.  Values recorded by “Smoke 15” can be accessed here:

Important:  You need to subtract 7 hours from the time given for the readings on the Forest Service Smoke monitors to get local time.  Also, there is a link on the right hand side of this WA Smoke blog page called “Interim Guidance for Wildfire Smoke and WAQA” that will help you determine the approximate health warnings associated with the readings given by the Forest Service monitors.  The values and health alerts available from State Department of Ecology monitors are best if you’re near one.  If not, using values from the Forest Service monitors along with the table in the Guidance document should help you take appropriate health precautions.

(And unfortunately it appears the Liberty monitor (Smoke 66) has malfunctioned and is not transmitting. We’ve got some folks on the way to see if that can be remedied.)

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