Tuesday, August 7, 2018

WA keeps accumulating smoke through Thursday

Puget Sounds Lowlands
Lots of social media pictures of pretty sunsets and crescent moon rises over western WA, courtesy of Oregon and California smoke. Adding to the mix is the Maple Fire, close to Hamma Hamma in the Olympic Peninsula- clearly seen sending a plume of smoke toward Seattle on yesterday's satellite picture.
Thus far most smoke has remained above or to the east of western WA but that seems to be changing. Between Tuesday & Thursday, the Puget Sound lowlands will likely see some combination of smoke from the fires mentioned above, and those along the Cascades' eastern foothills. Not much wind movement until late Thursday to flush things out, so expect conditions to mostly vary between Good and Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. Some periods of Unhealthy air are likely closer to fires. Good air is expected Friday- Saturday.

Whatcom and Skagit counties
Periodic east winds could bring in smoke from fires in the North Cascades, causing Moderate and USG air on occasion. Higher terrain might also see some California/ Oregon smoke mixing down.

Eastern WA
Sadly, with so many fires and so little wind, Unhealthy air will be quite common in addition to the oppressive heat. No respite through Friday at least, but that smoke clearing comes at a cost: a strong front passing through will worsen fire danger and spread.

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