Thursday, July 2, 2015

7/2/2015 Paradise Fire kicking up some smoke

After remaining fairly contained within Olympic National Park since it started in May, the Paradise fire has been a little more active and a little more smoky the last couple of days. There's currently little concern about smoke reaching high enough concentrations to be a significant health risk in the short term, but visitors to the park and the coast may see and smell some smoke. Morning meteorology is likely to send the smoke down the Queets River toward the coast.  If the fire grows and becomes more active, smoke may reach the Puget Sound area.

Here's a view of the smoke from yesterday, July 1 from the Paradise fire Facebook page.

Since the peninsula generally has such good air quality, there are not many air monitors sited over there to help measure what conditions are like. Various webcams may provide a hint though:

More about the increased smoke at the Paradise fire:
Paradise fire Facebook page:

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