Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7/21/2015 Air quality is good, but fires are still burning

Northwest Fire Potential Summary: An upper trough will set up over the region for the next couple of days. This will increase fuel moistures over most of the area as it ushers in cooler and moister air. However, breezy conditions are also expected to continue across eastern Washington and north central Oregon. The trough will likely result in some showers and scattered wet variety thunderstorms as well, primarily east of the Cascades. New large fire potential is expected to remain low. Initial attack activity should also remain low but a few lightning ignitions are likely east of the Cascades.

Morning Brief 
Date/Time Stamp: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 0700 hrs 

Activity Summary In the Northwest: Lightning in NE Washington with scattered light precipitation and a few strikes in NE Oregon. Heavy initial attack activity in NE Washington. 3 New large fires reported with minimal growth on existing large fires.

1. Blue Creek WA-WFS-000514. IMT3. 10 miles E of Walla Walla, WA. Start 7/20. Full Suppression. Timber/Grass. Cause: Unknown. 2,500 acres. 0% containment. Extreme fire behavior with long range spotting. Structures lost and more threatened. City of Walla Walla Watershed and Blue Wood Ski area threatened. IMT2, WA Team 1 (Ciraulo/Jennings) ordered. Inbriefing 7/21 at 1200.
Lead Agency: WA Fire Service

2. I-90 WA-WFS-000607. IMT3. 7 miles SW of George, WA. Start 7/19. Full Suppression. Grass/Brush. Cause: Unknown. 900 acres. 0% containment. Active fire behavior with wind driven runs. Standing wheat crops, homes, transporation infrastructure threatened, intermittent Interstate 90 closures.
Lead Agency: WA Fire Service

3. Wildhorse WA-OWF-000498. IMT3. 4 miles SW of Oroville, WA. Start 7/20. Full Suppression. Tall grass/Brush. Cause: Lightning. 122 acres. 0% containment. Active fire behavior. 9 Mile Ranch subdivision, residences and outbuildings threatened.
Lead Agency: USDA Forest Service.

4. PC Complex WA-PCS-000165. 8 miles NW of Amboy, WA. Start 7/19. Full Suppression. Timber. Cause: Unknown. 100 acres (+30). Active fire behavior. Complex consists of 5 fires. IMT2. WA Team 5 (Leitch/Holloway) mobilizing to the incident. Previously reported as Colvin Creek. Limited information available.
Lead Agency: WA Dept. of Natural Resources

5. Newby Lake WA-OWF-000337. IMT1. PNW Team 3 (Lewis). 23 miles NW of Oroville, WA. Start 7/02. Confine/Full Suppression. Timber. Cause: Lightning. 5,065 acres (+0). 30% containment. Fire started in Canada and crossed the border This will be the final 209 for this incident. The Type 3 Team will continue to submit a 209 using the new fire name and number. Newby Lake Long Draw -WA-NES-000801. IMT1 closing out 7/21 at 1000 hrs.
Lead Agency: USDA Forest Service

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