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Thursday, July 2, 2015

7/3/15 Breathe Easy for Now

Fires Subside, Breathe Easy for Now 
“Hot, hot, hot” temperatures and increasing winds should keep most wildfire smoke above breathing height. 
If winds become too strong, smoke plumes can separate (called plume sheer) from an active fire and lay down into valleys spreading poor air quality.  If any fires begin in the North Central Washington, north winds will blow strong enough to cause plume sheer, starting Friday night, and getting stronger on the Fourth of July.

Weekend Cautions
East Slopes of the Cascades: hazardous fire conditions exist. 
Fire weather warnings and watches in effect at this time through at least Saturday, July 4th.
Fuels are very DRY.  Combine dry fuel, wind, and a spark = uncontrollable WILDFIRE.

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