Thursday, August 17, 2023

Smoke impacts in Central and Eastern WA through the weekend

Smoke from local and Canadian fires is impacting air quality in Central and Eastern Washington, as seen on this morning's satellite image:

GOES-West 17Aug 2023 15:31Z

Conditions will improve somewhat tomorrow as westerly winds push the smoke away, but relief will be short-lived as the winds shift to bring smoke back into the region Saturday evening. It's likely to be smoky in most of Central and Eastern Washington through the weekend, ranging from Moderate to Unhealthy conditions. 

There is an active Air Quality Alert for Central and Eastern Washington counties that extends through the weekend until Monday morning.

Critical fire weather continues across the state in this hot and dry weather. Active fire detections are shown in the map below.

We're also keeping an eye on the forecast for western Washington this weekend and will update the blog as needed. Easterly flow could transport smoke to the area, but as of now it's uncertain how much smoke will be transported.

As always, check out the smoke forecast and current air quality conditions in the map at the top of this page, and review DOH's tips for finding cleaner indoor air

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