Wednesday, August 16, 2023

It’s that time of year again to find cleaner indoor air

Wildfire smoke is increasing in our state, which means we need to start taking steps to reduce our exposure and protect ourselves. Breathing in wildfire smoke can cause health problems, even if you are healthy.

  • Limit duration and intensity of outside physical activity. 
  • Stay inside with cleaner indoor air: 
    • Close windows and doors, unless it is too hot to maintain safe temperatures. 
    • Don’t add to indoor air pollution by smoking cigarettes or burning candles inside. 
    • Filter indoor air through an HVAC system, HEPA portable air cleaner, or a DIY box fan filter. 
  • Set air conditioners to re-circulate. 
  • Seek clean air elsewhere if it is not possible to keep the air in your home clean or cool. 
  • If you must be outside, wear a properly fitted, NIOSH-approved particulate respirator, such as an N95 mask. 

For more information see the Health Information Tab or visit WA DOH’s Smoke from Fires webpage

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