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Note: Some users might notice intermittent discrepancies in colors shown on the map of air quality monitors above, and those reported on the Department of Ecology's official page. This is because Ecology believes their method of calculating the air quality category (i.e. “Good”, “Moderate”, Unhealthy” etc) is more protective of public health in Washington. If in doubt as to which better represents public health risk, use the more stringent of the two (i.e. the map showing worse air quality).

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wildfire Smoke Safety

Smoke from wildfires is affecting much of Washington State. If there is smoke present in your area, follow these recommendations:
  • Check news, social media and local reports for the latest air quality status.
  • Avoid physical activity outdoors when conditions are "unhealthy", "very unhealthy" or “hazardous.”
  • Keep doors and windows closed but be mindful of hot weather. Run air systems/AC on recirculate and the close fresh-air intake. Keep the air in your house clean.
  • You need to take extra care if you have a heart or lung condition, diabetes, are pregnant or over 65, as well as infants and children. Seek medical attention if the smoke is affecting your health.

For more information: http://www.doh.wa.gov/smokefromfires

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  1. These fires need to be contained even if it takes personnel from all fifty states as well as Canada--it's truly frightening.


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