Friday, August 11, 2017

The end is nigh. For BC smoke, that is.

Smoke has already started clearing out of western WA but eastern WA needs another 24 hours at least before things get moving. The clearing trend will continue through the weekend so the number of smoky hours are indeed numbered. Expect air in western WA to return to mostly Good by Saturday evening, while most eastern WA locations will drop to Moderate or Good by Sunday.

Locations closer to fires will likely have worse conditions: the Diamond Creek fire and Methow Valley area will be covered by a separate post. The Metaline Falls and Newport areas have been plagued by smoke from the Noisy Creek Fire and will enjoy marginal relief. A temporary air quality monitor has been set up in Newport and will start reporting air quality conditions on the map above, shortly. Another monitor will be set up around Metaline Falls in the coming days.

Fly in the ointment (saw that coming?): The National Weather Service Graphic below hopefully says it all:

None of the weather models are advertising an imminent return to conditions conducive for BC wildfire smoke to return. At least not within the next week. However smoke from local fires and some in Oregon could continue impacting eastern WA, so please pay attention to future smoke forecasts.

Finally, here's a K-E-W-L sunrise timelapse vdo for each day over the last week, produced by Greg Johnson. Really shows what smoke does to visibility.

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