Sunday, August 20, 2017

Smoke in NE Washington and along portions of the path of totality

Smoke forecast
Smoke from fires in north and northeastern WA continue to impact areas north of a line drawn from Spokane to Chelan. Air has been mostly Moderate in these areas with worse conditions closer to fires. Some clearing occurred this afternoon but winds will die down overnight and remain light until Wednesday, causing smoke to slosh back and forth. The Methow Valley, Omak, Colville and Newport are likely to see air quality degrading to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, while the Spokane area is likely to remain Moderate. In general, some daytime clearing followed by poor air from evening until the next morning.

Smoke and the eclipse
Fear not, the eclipse (or partial eclipse, depending on location) will still be visible through the smoke as long as clouds don't get in the way. Smoke won't be as dense as it was when this picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. The sun's corona is bright enough to be seen through the smoke layer.

The fine particle pollution forecast from WSU's AIRPACT model for the 24 hours ending at noon on Monday, is shown below. The approximate path of totality is annotated in purple. Partial obscuration of the view can be expected in some spots west of the Oregon Cascade crest and southwestern Idaho. 

And finally, the National Weather Service says shallow morning clouds will be present in the Puget Sound region tomorrow morning, but should start to burn off between 9-10AM. Areas above 500' elevation should be clear, as will the rest of the state. Enjoy the eclipse!

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