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Monday, August 28, 2017

8/28/2017 Smoke model predictions for air quality in Washington

The BlueSky smoke model is useful for visualizing where smoke from wildfires will travel and how intense concentrations on the ground will be. Predictions for today (Monday) at 5pm are shown in the first image below. Smoke from the Jolly Creek fire is likely to impact the Cle Elum area most significantly but diffuse smoke is also present throughout the Wenatchee, Ellensburg and Yakima areas. Smoke from Diamond Creek, Bridge Creek, and Noisy Creek fires is traveling mostly to the north.

Smoke prediction for 5pm Monday (
 The prediction for 6am Tuesday morning is shown below. Smoke is more concentrated in the low valleys and once again, Cle Elum is likely impacted, and to a somewhat lesser degree, Ellensburg, Leavenworth, and Wenatchee.
Smoke prediction for 6am Tuesday 8/29
By noon tomorrow (Tuesday) smoke looks to become a bit more widespread but not too terribly thick. Smoke is drifting to the north and north east.
Smoke prediction for noon Tuesday 8/29 
Smoke conditions at 5pm Tuesday (below) look similar to 5pm today although there is more smoke accumulating throughout the Yakima Valley.
Smoke prediction for 6pm Tuesday 8/29
And the final image of the modeling run shows smoke heading more directly to the east with possible additional impacts farther away in Moses Lake, Vantage, and Richland.
Smoke prediction for midnight Tuesday 8/29


  1. I never thought that I would say this, but I can't wait for winter. Not that winter has all that many clean air days around here either (in Ellensburg), but it sure beats these darned never ending fires, combined with incessant heat. Smoke Plus heat = Hell.


  2. Guys, THANK YOU for providing this service (in addn to your day job service!) to our state! I was turned on to it via your DOH colleague and I'm loving the updates! I am curious if you have any posts planned on the causes of wildfires. I realize that's a few PhDs worth of material (!!!) but besides climate change causing less precipitation and lightning and humans causing fires to start, I don't have a handle on WHY. I've read news stories that blame forestry management choices (preventing burns that would have been quick and less harmful than letting a burn go) and others that blame reforestation monocrops, but I'm curious about the bigger picture of forest fires and you guys seem to have the creds to address that topic better than reporters may be able to! My thanks for yoir work!


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