Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Where's the fire? Check the "Local Smoke Outlooks" tab

We know things have been looking a little quiet here on the Washington Smoke Blog in recent days as the fire impacts have become more localized.

Just remember that Air Resource Advisors for the Schneider Springs Fire near Naches and the Twenty-Five Mile Fire near Manson are still providing daily forecasts and analysis for communities near those fires. We've also added temporary air quality monitors in Brewster, Cashmere and Cle Elum to keep a close eye on smoke impacts in those communities. You can find those reports under the "Local Smoke Outlooks" tab. 

And, if broader impacts creep back into the forecast, we'll update the main blog and keep you in the loop. 


  1. The Local Smoke Outlooks are incredibly helpful, thank you for creating that resource!

  2. Thanks for this helpful resource. I am planning a backpacking trip September 6 - 7 near Cle Elum, any ideas on how the smoke will be in that area? Thanks!

    1. Hi Reed, plan for Moderate conditions on Tuesday. Long range models show a little smoke from the Schneider Springs fire dealing that area a glancing blow. Otherwise, should be mostly Good. Enjoy the hike!

  3. Thanks, always appreciate the replies, I don't mind moderate as it doesn't seem to have a big health impact, just some haze in the views.


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