Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Smoke forecast 24- 26 September 2014

O Palouse!

Oregon wildfires did not end up sending too much smoke our way after all. But Idaho did L. The Palouse and Lewis- Clark Valley saw Moderate air quality the last two days as smoke from fires in Idaho drifted in- mostly at night- and in the case of the L-C valley, did not disperse much during the day.

Today however a wet, warm front will bring good southwest winds to the area and clear all the smoke. It has already washed Western Washington and the Cascades clean and there is a possibility of a little rain making its way to the far southeast corner of the state by Thursday evening.

Most of the state is expected to see Good air quality through Friday. Except the Palouse and L-C valley.

Alas, there will be periods of light east winds each night and on Friday as fronts swing over far eastern Washington, and these could easily drag in more smoke from Idaho. Some rain is likely on Friday but whether it will be enough to wash away the smoke is uncertain at this point.

Air quality in Pullman, Clarkston and perhaps Rosalia is expected to vary between Good, Moderate and Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups at night and on Friday.

Ranil Dhammapala, PhD.
Washington State Department of Ecology
Tel: 360-407-6807

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