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Monday, August 4, 2014

Entiat Case Study

Case Study – Entiat
Over the last week the Entiat monitor has shown some of the most consistently high daily average readings of all the locations that have been involved in the smoke forecasts.  The downslope/upslope wind pattern has been very evident here, with smoke impacts peaking in Entiat between 7 and 10 AM but quickly clearing out for the rest of the day.  People affected by smoke in this area should plan their outdoor activities for later in the day to avoid the smoke.

Figure 1: Air Quality Monitor on Top of Entiat School

Figure 2: Smoke Levels Measured in Entiat

The intense activity of the Duncan fire has undoubtedly been the main contributing factor to the impacts measured in Entiat.  Interestingly the Chelan monitor has been unaffected by the smoke from either the Duncan or the Carlton Complex fires.  The smoke from those fires has stayed in their respective drainages.

Figure 3 – Fire Locations Showing Terrain

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