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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8/5/2014 New webcams watching fires and smoke

The Forest Service has placed two portable, solar powered webcams out at strategic viewpoints to help keep an eye on  fires and smoke.  The first one is near Leavenworth and looks approximately west/northwest toward the Chiwaukum Creek fire.
View 1: http://www.fsvisimages.com/fstemplate.aspx?site=okwe2_fire1
View 2: http://www.fsvisimages.com/fstemplate.aspx?site=okwe2_fire2

And the second webcam looks northwest toward the Duncan fire.

Note that since they are solar powered they are programmed to go to sleep when the sun is low to save battery life.  Also, the web page where the images are displayed was designed for a somewhat different purpose so not all of the features of the web page will function for these cameras.  The "HI RES" button will give a larger image, and the "24 HOUR IMAGE SEQUENCE" will show multiple shots but other buttons at the site will not function.  Links to these cameras will also be placed on the WEBCAMS tab of this blog.

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