Friday, July 28, 2023

Weekend Outlook: no smoke on the horizon

The Newell Road Fire is now at 61,000 acres and 71% contained, and smoke impacts from the fire have continued to decrease since last weekend. We're also unlikely to see smoke impacts from the Simnasho and Bedrock fires currently burning in Oregon. Washington's Air Quality should continue to be GOOD for the near future.

Please continue to recreate responsibly this weekend by observing fire bans and fully extinguishing recreational fires, as high winds can exacerbate fire spread.

And to wrap up this Friday post, a quick aside about our air quality so far this wildfire season. If you're thinking that in general air quality has been pretty good, you're not wrong! Below is a plot of observed daily air quality levels for each day since May. Each row corresponds to the maximum air quality level observed in each county on a given day. Lots of green, or GOOD air quality! 


  1. I noticed that an air sensor at Mt Rainier often detects bad air at night. You can see it on, listed as "PA_108112", looks to be Ohanapecosh entrance but listed as "near Paradise", pm 2.5. It's a purple air sensor. Seems to happen just before midnight every night.

    1. Yes it's near the Ohanapecosh visitor campsites. Could be nightly campground activity (e.g. fire pits and camp fires).


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