Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015 - Air Quality Summary Report - NE Washington Area Command Fires

Note the new contact information in today's report, the last from Leland Tarnay and Daniel Stratton. Mark Fitch and Karen Dillman will be taking over.  Thanks for all your help and support!

Download a PDF of this summary here
Here is a map of activity yesterday

Afternoon MODIS visible satellite actually picked up yesterday's smoke.

About 30-40 tons of PM10 (the particles that compise smoke) were released from this activity, from a total of 200-300 acres of firing. This is a small amount compared to the 1000's of tons of PM10 (tens of thousands of acres) per day that went up in smoke during the periods of large fire growth last week.  

Some impacts at Kettle Falls, Orient, and Republic were evident yesterday as a result:

This set of monitors (from can be refreshed and/or viewed directly here, and more detailed graphs can be viewed by clicking the "generate reports" button.

This morning's model run captures this pattern fairly well, for the current "nowcast,"

Tomorrow's pattern is slightly different, with impacts to the SE of the fires in the evening, possibly putting some smoke in Davenport and even Spokane, though at these emissions levels, impacts would likely be in the moderate range.

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