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Note: Some users might notice intermittent discrepancies in colors shown on the map of air quality monitors above, and those reported on the Department of Ecology's official page. This is because Ecology believes their method of calculating the air quality category (i.e. “Good”, “Moderate”, Unhealthy” etc) is more protective of public health in Washington. If in doubt as to which better represents public health risk, use the more stringent of the two (i.e. the map showing worse air quality).

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wildfire Smoke Update 8-05-2013

Fire facts from the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center

Colockum Tarps WA-WFS-349. IMT2 (Nickey/Gales). 12 mi SE of Wenatchee, WA.
Start 7/27,2013. Full Suppression. Grass, brush, timber. Cause under investigation.
80,400 acres (+0)ac. 60% containment. WA State Fire mobilization authorized.
Level 1,2 and 3 evacuations. Moderate fire behavior. Natural and cultural resources as well as
wind farm infrastructures remain at risk.

Methow Complex WA-NES-000619. ICT3 (Shank). Near Twisp, WA. Start 7/31/2013.
Full Suppression. Grass, timber. Cause lightning. 50 acres (+0). 50% containment.

Includes; Dry Water 10 ac (+9) 100% containment., Keystone 700 ac 30% containment.,
Keystone North 300 ac. 30% containment. Knox 85 ac (+0) 30% containment., Mclaughlin
Canyon 30 ac. 30% containment., Turtle Lake 25 ac (+24). 0% containment. Updated acreage
 unavailable for individual fires in complex.

Moore Point WA-OWF-000366. ICT3 (Schmidt). 35 mi NW of Chelan, WA. Start 7/28/2013.
Point Zone Protection. Timber. Cause lightning. 1,538 acres (+0). 40% containment. Minimal fire
 behavior. Limited access. No update received.

Mile Marker 28 WA-YAA-000081. IMT2 (Rabe). 15 mi NE of Goldendale, WA. Start 7/24/2013.
Full Suppression. Timber, brush. Cause under investigation . 27,104 acres (+2). 91% containment.
Minimal fire behavior. Level 1 evacuations. Values at risk include commercial timber, cultural
resources, powerline infrastructure, and T&E species. IMT3 transition 8/6.

Riverside Block Complex WA-NES-000627. ICT3 (Knowlton). Near Riverside, WA. Start
8/01/2013. Full Suppression. Grass, timber. Cause lightning. 1,024 acres. (-576) 90% containment.

Local media updates Ellensburg  Goldendale   Wenatchee
Smoke Forecast The week begins with generally good air quality across the state except for White Swan, Toppenish, and Harrah which continue to have occasional spikes which keep them in the Moderate to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups categories.  The Seattle Duwamish monitor is also showing Moderate air quality.  Over the next three days smoke from the fires will generally be pushed northward at the beginning of the period gradually shifting to eastward by Wednesday.  There will also be periods of little movement each day which will allow the smoke to accumulate in the vicinity of the fires.  However the smoke output of all fires in Central Washington is much less than last week as the fire crews gain control.                                                                                                                                                                                                     The longer range outlook maintains dry weather until Thursday when the possibility of convective activity could produce precipitation and lightning.  Last night's model run develops significant precipitation, first along the Cascades but then later in the week across broad portions of Eastern Washington and finally including the Puget Sound lowlands by Saturday.  If the forecast quantity of precipitation verifies, the fires should be reduced to just some smoldering and this smoke episode will conclude by next Monday.

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