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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Residual smoke from fireworks in western WA today

Light winds in much of Washington over the last 2 days caused smoke from fireworks to accumulate in many communities.  The chart below shows fine particle pollution levels spiking after 6PM on the 4th of July. A smaller spike was observed on the 3rd.

Pollution levels are still dissipating and we expect Good air quality to return later today.

Smoke from any new fires that started in the last day, whether due to fireworks or other reasons, will likely be confined to nearby areas as winds are expected to remain light until about Thursday evening. Expect mostly Good air quality statewide, with a few Moderate periods.


  1. Dr. Dhammapala, please consider writing separate expectations for eastern Washington when air-quality is unlikely to be the same statewide. Looking at the AQI history on the spokanecleanair.org website, we've had four days in yellow moderate zone and yesterday it increased into the orange, unhealthy for some. For the people with asthma like mine that cannot tolerate going outside without a respirator when the air pollution is at the moderate level, usually by 11 AM when the temperature is in the mid-80s or above (most of July and August), that the air quality is consistently good in the middle of the night does not impact the precautions we need to take during the day. I read recently that the Spokane metropolitan area has now reached 535,000 people. If the Washington Department Of Health estimate that 10% of Spokane County has asthma is accurate, even if only 10% of those with asthma are bothered by moderate air pollution, that is still over 5,000 people.

  2. Spokane resident, thank you for your feedback and we appreciate the information from your area and also your personal experience. We realize that air pollution can have a wide range of health effects and these symptoms can be triggered at much lower levels for people with pre-existing conditions.

    Not all of our posts are intended to cover the entire state. The one above was mostly western WA centric, as many Puget Sound area communities were experiencing high levels of firework smoke. I will post a blog article with a statewide forecast tomorrow.

    For direct, personalized health advice we always recommend you consult with your physician.


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