Washington Smoke Map

*The map above is not able to display all state air quality monitors. Click here to see all monitors in Washington: WA Ecology Air Monitors

Note: Some users might notice intermittent discrepancies in colors shown on the map of air quality monitors above, and those reported on the Department of Ecology's official page. This is because Ecology believes their method of calculating the air quality category (i.e. “Good”, “Moderate”, Unhealthy” etc) is more protective of public health in Washington. If in doubt as to which better represents public health risk, use the more stringent of the two (i.e. the map showing worse air quality).

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Smoke Forecast for Central Washington - Saturday September 9, 2017


  1. Is it still forecasted that the smoke will make it's way back to Western WA around Tuesday? Also, do you know when there will be sufficient rain to stop more fires from starting?

    1. According to our latest forecast, that is the case but please check back Monday for an update. Unfortunately it is not possible to know when rains will stop more fires from starting.


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