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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Updates on Smoke in Chelan from Wolverine Fire

Live Webcam at Campbells Resort in Chelan : http://www.campbellsresort.com/webcam
Plus photos taken today from Lake Chelan and new webcams put up by USFS

USFS WEB CAMS set up today-
Earlier today I setup one of our portable cameras on the north side of Lake Chelan across from 25 Mile Creek to monitor smoke and fire activity.  The camera collects 3 different views (approx. south, southwest and west) and can be seen on the following web addresses:

http://www.fsvisimages.com/fstemplate.aspx?site=okwe1_fire2  (SW, across the lake)
http://www.fsvisimages.com/fstemplate.aspx?site=okwe1_fire3  (west, uplake)

The camera should update images every ½ hour during daylight hours.

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